Mary Blanchard is representing Headwaters Trails regarding our interests in water run-off from Holly Hills to the Shiawassee National Water Trail. Below is an update on the issues and a call to action.

Citizen Testing – The Save Falk Road Committee, with the help of Denise Trabbic-Pointer, our toxics and remediation specialist, have done testing of the wetland receiving effluent from Holly Hills MHC for soil and surface water. We have also tested two other locations off the dump site that are suspected of contamination. The samples have been delivered to the lab, and results are expected by April 1st.Testing costs are expected to run $3,915.We are launching a new citizen fundraiser using the same GoFundMe site we used last year to collect the funds to test 4 homes around the Falk Rd. Dump. Please go to GoFundMe and search for Holly, MI Water Concerns  if you would like to contribute to this citizen effort. Donations large and small gratefully accepted. Donations can also be mailed to Mary Blanchard, 3444 Old Creek Dr., Holly, MI 48442, if you would prefer to avoid sending funds through the computer.(The GoFundMe site had listed our funds as $1,800+, but most of that money was raised and used in March, 2021 to do the testing of the 4 homes.) 

Next Community Meeting –We are hosting the next Community Meeting dealing with the Holly, MI Water Concerns  on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. at the Commons/Cafeteria area of the Karl Richter Center. We will be have the two experts that have been helping us, Mike Wilczynski, geologist, and Denise Trabbic-Pointer, toxics and remediation specialist, on hand to discuss their findings and concerns. Mike will discuss the cross sections and Conceptual Site Model he has updated since receiving information from the EGLE FOIA request from the Township on hydrology. Denise will be discussing results of the Citizen testing described above that we are expecting by April 1st. We will also share the information below on the possible Fish Advisory for Rice Lake and Bush Lake based on the email from Lisa Fischer, with Mi. Dept of Health and Human Services.

Rice and Bush Lake Fish Testing Advisory – I received an email last week from Lisa Fischer, toxicologist, with Mi Dept of Health and Human Services. Lisa detailed that while PFOS levels would cause a fish consumption guideline  for bluegill or sunfish species if there were no other contaminants present, the mercury levels in these are of greater concern and would drive a fish consumption guideline of 4 servings per month for Rice and Bush Lake. They are still waiting on results for largemouth bass for DDT and chlordane, but current data suggests mercury would be the contaminant driving the fish consumption guideline. These fish would also qualify for a PFOS advisory but the mercury is the greater concern. This is not finalized until the all the data is back, but suggests a fish consumption guideline of 1 serving per month for largemouth and smallmouth bass less than 18″ and 6 servings per year for largemouth or smallmouth greater than 18″ due to mercury.I could email the full email chain regarding the fish testing if anyone would like. Please send me a return email that you would like a copy and I will send it. 

Contact with Politician Offices –I have not heard anything new Senator Ruth Johnson’s office or her Aide Josh Haley that I emailed directly. I also have not heard anything from Rep. Mike Mueller’s office or his Aide Mike Moon that I emailed directly. We have heard nothing about the meeting being rescheduled by Sen. Johnson’s office with the agencies involved with our water issues, and nothing from Rep. Mueller’s office on the application they were going to submit regarding Federal funds released to Michigan for communities dealing with toxic issues with water. 

How can YOU help? –
– Please contribute to the GoFundMe account by searching Holly, MI Water Concerns in the GoFundMe website.- Attend the next Community Meeting on April 5, 2022 at 6:30 pm at the Karl Richter Center Commons/Cafeteria area.- Please contact Senator Ruth Johnson and Representative Mike Mueller’s offices, and ask what steps their offices have taken in helping with our Holly issues.

Senator Johnson – 517-373-1636, [email protected]
Rep. Mike Mueller- 517-373-1780, [email protected]

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