Shiawassee River National Water Trail

National Water Trail

The Shiawassee River National Water Trail is slow moving stream which features an “Up North-Close By” view of nature starting from the old water works building in the Village of Holly and traveling seven river miles downstream through an unspoiled natural landscape to Strom Park.

A sanctioned and safe canoe launch has been created in WaterWorks Park. A parking lot, pedestrian bridge, and nature lookout make the area accessible to all.

Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers and Sandhill cranes can be seen on most trips down the river. Muskrat scoot across the channel and turtles dive for under- water cover as canoeists paddle leisurely along.

For almost forty years this was the site of the first race of the season sponsored by the Michigan Canoe Racing Association. At competition pace, those enthusiasts could complete the course in less than an hour and a half whereas most visitors should expect to spend four or more hours on the river.

This section of the Shiawassee River in northwest Oakland County has become one of the first Heritage Water Trails in Michigan.

Heritage Water Trails feature the history and cultural landmarks in accompanying guides, making day trips to the area even more enjoyable. Signage indicates natural features, distance to take out and alerts to trail features ahead.

The trailhead in WaterWorks Park will connect to the land trails proposed by Headwaters Trails. It will be possible to walk or bicycle to the many points of interest featured along the proposed Trails 2, 3 and 4.

Shiawassee River National Water Trail Map