Rose Oaks Connector Trail

Trail between Village of Holly and Rose Oaks County Park

This trail will make it possible to walk, run or bike from the Village of Holly to Camp Has-O-Rec on the border of Rose Oaks County Park. Rose Oaks is a 260 acre passive use county park.

The nineteen acres of the former school camp Has-O-Rec would be able to serve as a trailhead and staging area, if renovated. From there it may be possible to establish equestrian trails in Rose Township.

Walking paths through the beautiful natural areas will also be an asset to the community.

The first steps in establishing these trails are to incorporate the vision in the township master plan and then to apply for federal alternative transportation funding.

An asphalt safety path along Milford Road could be funded in large part through an MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation) program and provide safe passage for wheelchair users as well as a connection between Holly Village and Rose Township.

Come join us on work days in the countryside!