River Cleanup

Volunteers Needed for Shiawassee River Cleanup

Update - Rescheduled to June 4-5 due to predicted thunderstorms

Contact Chuck to let him know if you can lend a hend.

Volunteers are needed for the annual river cleanup to open the Shiawassee River for the paddling season. The event will occur on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, 2022. We will be doing the work in sections, going from one major road to the next or starting at a park. On Saturday, we have groups starting at Holly Water Works Park, Fenton Bush Park, Hogan Road, Duffield Road and the Ball field in Byron. On Sunday, groups starting at the Linden Parking lot below the Dam, McCaslin Lake Road, and Duffield Road. The work involves picking up trash as well as cutting a path through the trees that have fallen across the river. Each group will have at least one leader who can teach you everything you need to know about clearing the river in a manner that is approved by the Michigan DNR. We need people with trash bags and grabbers as well as people with chain saws. Logs that are cut are anchored in the river as shore protection and fish habitat.
To volunteer Contact Chuck Julian at 248-634-3513 or via contact form at: https://headwaterstrailsinc.org/contact/#river_cleanup