Tight Squeeze

River Cleanup continued June 19th

Rex Mathewson, Randy Alberts, Dave Spaine, Rudy Toufar, Emma Massie and Chuck Julian opened up the part of the river, Duffield Road, to the Byron Mill Pond, that Tom Landers, Chris Dickenson and Gary Drury were unable to complete on 6-5-2022. Maggie Yerman helped us spot cars. Tom allowed us to use his place for launching our boats. 

Unlike some rivers like the Huron, we only cut a large enough pathway for boats to get through, meaning that it takes some skill to navigate around places where an opening exists. You might need to swing a hard right or left as soon as you get through or you might need to duck under logs that go across the river. Some of the narrow passageways may be very difficult for long boats or wide inflatables.