Fishlake Road Launch Plan

Fishlake Rd Paddling Launch Project

The Ralph  C. Wilson Jr. Fund has given Headwaters Trails and the North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy (NOHLC) a grant of $50,000.00 to be used for the construction of a canoe launch at Fish Lake Road on property already owned by Headwaters Trails Inc.  Headwaters Trails has additionally raised $80,000.00 to complete this project, through grants of $10,000 from Saginaw Bay WIN, $17,000 from Holly Township and the rest from individual donors.  See the article about the launch in the Tri-County Times.

Covid has delayed the process for this project. We have all the permits. Parking at this site requires substantial fill.  We are working on defining the bid specifications before sending it out for bids. We are working to verify with the engineer to make sure that proposed design will be stable over the long term and obtain more details on the construction of the ramp and railings.

Along side the launch, the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is changing out the current round culvert for a box culvert and putting a low flow channel in the middle to make it possible to paddle when the river water level is down.  This change out will have them extending the culvert and putting a sidewalk along the road, over the river, so that people parking on the Holly Township property south of the river can get across to the launch, walking with a canoe or kayak.  The current culvert is so short that there is not space to walk along the side of the road with a boat.  Thank You, Road Commission for Oakland County. We are looking forward to completion in 2022.