River Cleanup Volunteers

Thank You Volunteers of Spring River Cleanup

We want to voice a heartfelt thank you to all of the great people that came out this past weekend to help clear the Shiawassee River of deadfall, blockages and trash. You helped make our river a place for all to enjoy this summer. Additional mini cleanups may be organized after the water level receeds and exposes additional hazards. The following list includes the names we could capture. If we missed listing anyone, don’t feel forgotten – your help was greatly apprciated.

Chuck Juian

Group Leaders
Chuck Julian
Rudy Toufar
Rex Mathewson
Debbie McCarty
Dave Spaine
Randy Alberts
Tom Landers


Chris Compton
Jasmine Compton
Andrew McDonall
Matt Paulin
Randy Horton
Margaret Horton
Jared Wangler
Greg Smith
Claire Rob
Patricia Cockfield
Pam Albright
Mary Smith
Dylan Tremba
Linda Hoogterp
Chris Dickenson
Eric Audette
Bobbi Audette
Amy Drury
Gary Drury
Pat Cockfield
Cat McCollough
Don Losert
Dale Fishwick
Bob Luck
John Fluck
Pam Albright
Matt Paulin
Dylan Trembra
Claire Grob
Mike Bemis
Rebekah Bishop
Ben Blazier
Robert Dockter
Marianna Fitzgerald
Darlene Flueckiger
Don Losert
Cat McCullough
Mike Mitchell
John Rogers
Dan Sweeny
Mary Whaley
Bill Wilson
Eric and Bonni Audette
Dave Beglau
Doug Boyd
Chris Compton
Dave & Sue Lossing
Don Walsh
Brent Judson
Clint Chambers
Gail Dawson
Don Reef
Carl Slindee
City of Fenton DPW

Provided food and hospitality after the cleanup

Maggie Yerman
Debbie McCarty
Diane Landers
Tom Landers

Shuttle Drivers

Maggie Yerman
Mary Smith
Pat Christian
Gail Dawson

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