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(2) Village-Township Connector

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WaterWorks Park
Maple Street
Holly Hotel
Historic Depot
Exercise trail
Shiawassee Overlook

Trail users will be able to start at several points -- WaterWorks Park, downtown historic Holly or at any of five parks connected by the pathway.

From there they can walk, jog, bicycle or in-line skate to points of historic or cultural interest along the village streets.

Some of the intriguing destinations are listed below, all within approximately one mile of each other:

•  Holly's historic train depot (being restored)

•  The Stiff's Mill Pond dam and fish ladder

•  The famous Holly Hotel and other eateries

•  Historic Battle Alley, antique and specialty shops

•  Crapo, Lakeside, and Cyclone Parks

•  Holly Township Beach on Bush Lake

•  Washington Square Historic Residential District

•  Holly Township Nature Center

For those desiring a longer journey or more exercise, Trail 2 will have a two mile loop up Park Street to the Bush Lake Exercise Pathway and back to Maple Street. Also, the Shiawassee River Overlook funded by the Mott Foundation lies at the south end of an existing trail system for hiking and skiing in Sorensen Park.

When completed, the whole trail will be 4.30 miles in length.

•  Come join us for work sessions to make this trail a reality!

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