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Results from the Holly to Fenton Canoe Race --, June 4, 2005
Race Master Doug Lanyk Records Times

Experienced Class
Shiawasssee River Heritage Water TrailJim Walker and Keith Grabowski received 1st place in the Expert Class for their time of 1:36:53. They paddled a canoe rented from Heavener Canoes, and sponsored by Battle Alley Antiques.
Clayton Cornwell and Eric Krogsrud (photo foreground) pulled strongly away from the starting line at Stiff's Millpond and ended up in 2nd place with a time of 1:45:59.

Novice/Youth Class
Shiawassee River Heritage Water TrailKurt Marth and Dallas Williams breeze through the "beaver dam challenge" in a style that earned them first place in the Novice Class with a time of 1:37:08. Their canoe #8 was sponsored by Dairy Queen of Holly.
Shiawassee River Heritage Water TrailScott and Kaitlin Fairty display a sprinting style across Broad Street from the Millpond to the Shiawassee River. They earned 2nd place in the Novice Class with a time of 1:42:50, in canoe #5, sponsored by Carry's Delights.

Kayak & Single Person Canoe Class
Shiawassee River Heritage Water TrailKen Foss posted the best time of the day: 1:22:22, as he paddled to the finish line in a kayak sponsored by Floral Images of Holly.
Harry Bidelman, sponsored by Holly Crossing Bed and Breakfast, was 2nd in the Kayak Class with a time of 1:33:43. Here he digs into the last few strokes of the Fenton Millpond.

Pleasure Class
1st Place, Steve Shifflett, with a time of 1:48:12 (sorry - no photo).
2nd Place, Brad Kirt, with a time of 1:58:42 followed 8 seconds later by Wendy Kirt (sorry again, no photo).

Full Race Results

The race times for all 81 racers, 63 boats and 4 classes are available in an MS Excel 2000 file:
Preview_Race_Results.xls (41 KB download)

Preview Race Image Compilation CD-ROM

We intend to make a CD-ROM with higher-resolution scans of the many photos (easily 100+) taken by the race organizers, to be available at the modest price of mailing and media for anyone who would like to have the photos. Photos of the racers on the river, brave souls taking the "beaver dam challenge", and shots of smiling faces at the end of the race will all be on the CD. Unfortunately, these images cannot all be posted on the website -- we simply don't have sufficient disk space, so we hope that this will be the next best option for everyone who participated.

Scanning the many photos and moving them to disks will take our volunteers time to finish. Details will follow as soon as they are available. Keep checking the site!

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